About LATA

LATA was established in 1966 and is governed by a Board of Directors consisting of eight Directors, three Officers elected annually from the general membership, and the Trustees.

Meet our Executive Director.

It is the duty of the President of the Association, after consultation with the Board of Directors, to appoint the committees each year. For a list of the past presidents, please click here.

Our Objectives

Assist Tax Administrators

To assist state and local tax administrators in the exchange of information and encourage uniformity in laws, regulations and administration.

Disseminate Information

To disseminate information tending toward the more efficient operations of local tax offices.

Encourage Cooperation

To encourage the practice of cooperation and reciprocal exchange of information between all state and local tax administrators.

Increase Efficiency

To increase the efficiency of each state and local tax administrator by encouraging cooperation and the exchange of information.

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