By-Laws Committee

Last Updated: 8/01/2023

Committee Chair or Co-Chairs:
Neshelle Nogess, Chair
Andrea Reed, Co-Chair

Committee Members:
Tiffani Delapasse, David Hall, Hollie Howard, Michele Picou, Anthony Riley

Committee Responsibilities:
It is the responsibility of this committee to review the Bylaws for the purpose of considering any additions and/or revisions which may be deemed necessary and advisable by the board. The committee is charged with preparing and revising the Bylaws which shall provide the Organization members with a detailed guideline for the accomplishment of their responsibilities, proper protocol, suggested methods and standard operating procedures.

Current Committee Activities & Goals:
Continue to work on a “Conference Host Guide” to assist administrators in hosting conferences. Also, define the duties and responsibilities of the Officers, Board Members, Trustees and Committee Chair.

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