Education Committee

Committee Chair or Co-Chairs:
Kressy Krennerich, Chair
Amanda Grainer, Vice-Chair

Committee Members:
Darlene Allen, Johnny Bailey, Mark Blevins, Jennifer Brummett, Shelley Butler, Debra Cooper, Tiffani Delapasse, Denise Griggs, Holly Howard, Phillip Jackson, Alexandra Lake, Shelia Lingefelt, Tanya Lebert, Courtney McCain, Ashley McCullough, Charlotte Morrison, Robert Perez, Michelle Picou, Andrea Reed, Nelwyn Soirez, Kimberly Tyree, Milzokiya Wilson

Committee Responsibilities:
The Education Committee is responsible for the format and content of the Auditor’s Chatroom and Auditor’s Workshop at each LATA conference. The committee is also responsible for hosting and presenting the annual Sales Tax Seminar.

Current Committee Activities & Goals:
The Education Committee is currently working on the Sales Tax Seminar and Chatroom/Workshop agenda items for the conferences.

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