State & Local Audit Committee

Last Updated: 8/01/2023

Committee Chair or Co-Chairs:
Amber Hymel, Chair
Mark Blevins, Co-Chair

Committee Members:
Emily Behrend, Karen Dull, Alexandra Lake, Ashley Mccullough, Megan Metoyer, Darla Vaughn, Christina Villareal, Shelby Woolf

Committee Responsibilities:
The mission of the Local Audit Committee is to develop a feasible plan for performing joint sales & use tax audits between two or more local taxing authorities as well as between local and state taxing authorities. Our mission includes cultivating a plan that will benefit both the taxpayers and the taxing authorities by promoting an audit program designed to collect the proper amount of tax revenue in a manner that warrants the highest degree of confidence in our integrity, efficiency, effectiveness and fairness at the lowest possible cost to those we serve. An essential part of the mission will include incorporating the Louisiana Association of Tax Administrators “Best Practices” as well as the Code of Ethics.

Current Committee Activities & Goals:
The State & Local Audit Committee is currently working on a Local Services Agreement that would help facilitate joint audits between parishes or between parishes and the state.

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