Computer Technology Committee

Last Updated: 8/01/2023

Committee Chair or Co-Chairs:
Tiffani Delapasse, Chair
Amanda Granier, Co-Chair

Committee Members:
Chantel Freeman, Leslie Landry, Nelwyn Soirez, Jeff Whitton, Shelby Woolf

Committee Responsibilities:
The Computer Technology Committee is responsible for maintaining the LATA Website and the Wild Apricot Portal. They facilitate updates to parish information on the website and additions or deletions to other information provided. The committee is also responsible for coordinating the set up of LATA events and membership through Wild Apricot.

Current Committee Activities & Goals:
The Computer Technology Committee is continually working to make the website a more useful tool for both taxpayers and collectors. Currently, the committee is working on adding an occupational license tax (OLT) manual to the site which will be searchable by keyword to assist in determining proper classification of various business types as well as addressing some frequently asked questions about the OLT process.

In addition, the committee will be updating Wild Apricot to set up the quarterly conferences for 2023 as well as the two Sales Tax Seminars being offered to allow online registration and payment for these events in addition to the membership registration and donation option that are perpetually available through the portal.

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