Legislative Committee

Committee Chair or Co-Chairs:
Michael Curtis, Chair
Bobby Craig, Vice-Chair

Committee Members:
Jon Betts, Mark Blevins, J A Cline, Cheryl Curvey, Melanie David, Karen Dull, Patrick Durkee, Amanda Grainer, David Hall, David Hartman, Gail Howell, David Humphries, Amber Hymel, Tommy Naquin, Neshelle Nogess, Michael Norton, Robert Perez, Michele Picou, Mathew Rodrigues, Greg Rupert, Patrick Segura, Jason Sherry, Danny Sims, Kimberly Tyree

Committee Responsibilities:
The Legislative Committee monitors legislation that affects local tax collections. They provide support to the LATA Board in regards to proposed regulations from the Louisiana Department of Revenue. The committee determines and makes recommendations to the LATA Board when there is the need for a local regulation on a local tax issue.

Current Committee Activities & Goals:
Although the Legislative Committee has gotten better through the years in working with different groups in the legislative arena, we can do better. The committee intends to become more proactive in the legislative process rather than reactive. By offering suggestions and alternatives instead of just being a roadblock to adverse legislation affecting local tax collections, the work of the committee will become a more valuable resource to the members.

The committee will continue to monitor legislation that may affect tax collections.

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